General Chair's Address

Takashi Murakami (Chief of the Chubu Branch of JACP)
Chair of the 38th Annual Meeting of the Japanese
Academy of Clinical Periodontology

The Era of Coexistence! Natural teeth and Dental implants

The 38th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Academy of Clinical Periodontology (JACP) will be held in Nagoya under the management of the Chubu Branch of JACP.

In Japan, the aging population with a declining birthrate is proceeding much faster than in the rest of the world. While the population continues decreasing, social security costs, including medical expenses, continue rising each year in association with the increasing elderly population.

Meanwhile, according to one survey, it is reported that the key to reducing ever-increasing medical expenses lies in dental care. It is indicated that the more people receive dental care, the lower the medical expenses related to the treatment of systemic conditions. Accordingly, I believe that dental care makes a significant contribution to preventing systemic disease.

In particular, periodontal disease treatment is positioned as the very core of dental care. Eliminating inflammation of the mouth and ensuring occlusal harmony not only help extend healthy life expectancy, but also greatly contribute to making life more fulfilling and enjoyable. I believe that this is the greatest mission in our daily clinical practice and the required medical care.

Considering this, it can be said that the most important factor in dental care is to control inflammation caused mainly by periodontal disease and to control occlusion pressure through the application of implants. Implant treatment had been once used as an easy method for dental care since it was first clinically applied about 30 years ago. However, various issues related to implant treatment have come to the fore, including the occurrence of peri-implantitis, the unavailability of implant treatment for patients with systemic disease, and cases where implant treatment is not effectively used according to each life stage.

However, implant treatment is a very effective way to maintain tooth alignment and occlusal harmony. I believe that the coexistence of natural teeth and implants in the same mouth is an important theme for future dental care in Japan.

Accordingly, to learn knowledge and skills aimed at realizing a mouth that is functional and aesthetically attractive and keeping the therapeutic outcome stable for long period, this annual meeting is held under the theme of “The Era of Coexistence! Natural teeth and Dental implants.” The meeting consists of a special lecture and a symposium, with Dr. Dennis. P. Tarnow, a periodontal specialist and great dentist specializing in implant treatment in the U.S., invited as a special lecturer.

In a session for dental hygienists, an educational lecture will be delivered as a special program so they can learn how to handle oral mucosa diseases and meet patient needs as dental hygienists. The lecture will also deal with how to respond if elderly patients who have received oral maintenance care suffer from dementia.

We also plan to hold a citizens’ forum with the theme of whether healthy life expectancy can be increased and how to prevent aspiration pneumonia.

Through this annual meeting, we aim to provide JACP members with the opportunity to learn how to contribute to the promotion of public health and welfare in daily clinical settings by tackling the core of dental care head-on as members of the clinical periodontology society here in Nagoya, an area located at the geographical center of Japan.